If your business is not doing at least some part of your business over the web, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Today, the web is an integral part of the business world. Knowledge Dream offers you choices in website design to meet most any budget. Each site that we design is guaranteed to have a high-quality professional look that conveys your information in a clear and meaningful way. We can redesign your existing website to give it a responsive/adaptive design to optimize the viewing experience across a wide range of devices from smartphones to laptops to tablets.

From conception and strategy to design and implementation, Knowledge Dream builds and hosts premium websites for small businesses, associations, non-profits and governments.

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What We Offer

Here is a brief overview of the services we provide our clients.

Custom Web Development

We strive to develop customized responsive web development solutions. Each website we develop is unique and our custom web builds do not rely on templates, plugins or “found code.” This allows us to provide you with a customized, user-friendly, stable and reliable website. Our Custom Web Programming capabilities: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX/ JavaScript/jQuery, C#, Visual Basic, .NET MVC, PHP, JAVA, ColdFusion, Angular, Node.js

Mobile Apps Development

If you want your business to get in on the mobile web revolution, mobile application development might be a perfect solution for you. Your users will get a customized experience on their iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices. We can provide a high quality standard mobile app of any category.

Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting

No need to worry about how and where to host your website. We’ll register your domain name. And we’ll arrange the best host provider for your website based on your hosting needs.

Data Analysis & Visualization

We provide services to assist you in discovering more from your data to make it more actionable. We can work with you to build custom scripts and design databases so that data can be used for reporting or visualization. We leverage a data analytics and visualization platform such as Tableau to extract your data from its source system, process and generate reports, charts and dashboards.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your website to be found in the search engines? Do you want a consistent, long-term stream of visitors to your website? search engine optimization (SEO) is a great solution. We happen to be here to help you. By utilizing SEO and other website marketing techniques, we develop effective online marketing strategies to deliver success. We have the ability to drive traffic and conversions, leading to increased sales and leads.

Content Management System

A web content management system is open-source content management system (CMS) software, usually implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web materials. Knowldege Dream can help you in developing Content Management System based website or connecting your existing site with Content Management System to give your website without the need of knowing HTML Coding.

Publication Design

Our talented team of graphic designers custom create a wide variety of print materials tailored to your needs. Our print design work gives our clients a professional edge for your print materials and marketing tools.


Knowledge Dream provides high-volume photocopy services with your budget. We aim to provide excellent service to the community and are happy to discuss any special needs with customers. You can submit your documents Online or hard copies. The submission of the documents need to be in PDF format if you choose to submit online. Your document will automatically be submitted to our office for printing by clicking here.

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