KD-001: Basic Computer Skills Training

Course designed to help those who have relatively limited computer and IT knowledge, experience and skill, and desire to improve their skills in a short period of time. The course trains students to learn and become proficient in typing, Email, Internet and applications (MS World, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) etc.

KD-101: Front End Application Development

Course focuses on using latest technology to build up comprehensive knowledge, skills and experience on Web Application Development, including Apache Server, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

KD-102: Fundamental of ASP.NET(C#)

Course focuses on using Microsoft ASP.NET technology to build up comprehensive knowledge, skills and experience on Web Application Development, including installation and configuration of Visual Studio (IDE), SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, learn programming with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript / JQuery / Bootstrap, Creating Static and Dynamic web page.

KD-103: Fundamental of MVC with ASP.NET

Course focuses on learning the Model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, Creating Controller, view, Models, and Forms, Scaffolding, Object-relational Mapping (ORM) tools and the Entity Framework, Code-first development with Entity Framework, Database-first development with Entity Framework, Creating the School Management Website with MVC framework.

KD-104: Advanced .NET & SQL Server Database

Course focuses on developing a medium to large web application using MVC framework and ASP.NET (C#), Customizing Controllers (adding Actions, Model Binding, Filters), Understanding REST, Creating Web API, Consuming Web API, ASP.NET SignalR, Establishing connection with SignalR Hubs, Implementing Live help.

KD-202: Fundamental Java Programming

Course focuses on learning latest Java Object-Oriented Programming, Control Flow, Configuration, Data Structures, Design Patterns, Generics, Framework, Multi-Threading, JUnit, EasyMock, Data Access Objects (DAO), XML Document Object Model (DOM) etc using Eclipse IDE.

KD-202: Fundamental Java Programming

The Software Testing training curriculum covers Test Processes and Procedures, Test Planning, Web Application Testing, Test Case Development, Unit/Integration Testing and System/Acceptance Testing. You will build essential skills and reinforce them with techniques and tools that will maximize your efficiency with your job as a Tester or QA Analyst.

What is a QA analyst and what does it entail?
Software testing as a profession
Manual testing and tools
Automation testing and tools
Types of manual testing
What is a test plan document ?
What is a requirement document ?
Software testing methodologies
Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

KD-301: SQL Development & Administration

This Database Course focuses on learning fundamental Entity-Relationship database and SQL, including create an ER database, Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML), View, Procedures, Trigger, indexes, constraints, performance, data import and export and much more.

KD-401: Fundamental of ColdFusion

Course focuses on learning how to install ColdFusion, how to connect to the database, how to create mapping, ColdFusion syntax, tags and keywords, build dynamic application using ColdFusion and Database.

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